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Document Management
Records Management and access to critical documents is crucial to success of any organization. Today’s global, distributed business environment demands access to data electronically changing the document landscape and re-engineering of processes for presentation of information.

Document Management is the process by with physical documents are converted to electronic formats to support multiple business processes and manage flow of data. The process starts with preparation of paper documents, capturing critical data from documents after scanning them, using technology tools to index certain data, storing all electronic documents and finally retrieving stored data using simple queries.

PositiveEdge assists its customers in all aspects of imaging and conversion of paper-based systems to an electronic format. Our team of technology experts can assist with evaluation of scan volume and estimation of project timeline and costs.

Our team consists of domain experts from the following areas:

Project Manager.

Scanning Hardware and Software Experts.

Document Preparation Specialists.

QA Engineers.

Database Engineers

Data Modeling.

Workflow Design.

Process Re-engineering

Data Entry and Data Conversion
Network Infrastructure    Management
Application Design    Development
Web Based Solutions
Seat Management / Help    Desk Services
Document Management
E-learning Solutions
Professional Services